Truly Technological offers solutions

for all of your technology needs.

We specialize in computer/electronics repair, programming, and sales, as well as renewable energies. We offer services such as network administration, network support, and technological consultations. Our technicians can support you through the entire purchasing process; from helping you decide which product fits your needs, to getting that product in your hands!

We provide preventative measures, such as spyware/malware removal, speed enhancement, registry optimization, and disk clean up.

Website development and hosting is another service we offer. We can even teach you how to add your own content to the site we specifically design for you if you need us to!

Along with hosting and website development, we have partnered with MxGuardDog to help fight SPAM emails.  Click here to learn more about their anti-spam measures and how to prevent spam from entering your domain, or give us a call and we will be happy to help as well.

When you need a program or database tailored to your (unique) needs, we can do that too!

We offer flexible services on site, and for your convenience remotely when possible for a reasonable fee.

Truly Technological is truly the IT company for YOU!

We are a highly skilled, family run, technology company, transplanted from the piney woods of East Tx to the sunny shores of Belize.

Our fearless leader, Eddie, is a 2nd generation computer nerd-who has been working with computers since before he could tie his own shoelaces.   He has strategically partnered with several reputable companies to distribute and repair their electronics.  He has many certificates from training with companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Cradlepoint, Watchguard, and others.

He is backed by his up and coming, 3rd generation techies, that watch him work, and assist while learning different aspects of the trade.  He is also supported by his creative director, content writer, and wife.

Truly Technological truly aspires to offer opportunities for technological growth for the local communities we serve.